Welllab Liquid Nasal & Oral Spray / Hygiene Spray, 20 ml

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REVITAL SPRAY is a hygienic spray for nasal and oral cavity based on chitosan.

  • Helps support local airway immunity.
  • Facilitates breathing without exerting a vasoconstrictor effect.
  • Has a sanitizing and moisturizing effect.
  • Reduces sore throat and discomfort.
  • It can be used in the complex therapy of acute respiratory viral infections, allergic rhinitis and for their prevention * .



Low molecular weight chitosan helps to restore the mucin layer of the nasal mucosa and strengthen its barrier function. Eliminates the feeling of dryness and nasal congestion. It has a regenerating effect, helps to liquefy nasal mucus and improve nasal breathing. Reduces sore throat and soreness.

The complex of zinc and silver prevents the creation of conditions for the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, provides additional protection against viruses, and prevents the development of inflammatory complications.

Contains no preservatives or artificial colors. Non-toxic.

It is not a drug.

* In conjunction with other doctor’s recommendations