WELLLAB LIQUID ECO-SORB is a concentrated chitosan-based drink. 

Helps to quickly cope with the consequences of consuming poor quality food or alcohol. When used regularly, it helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, good digestion and optimal body weight.

Has a neutral taste. Does not contain sugar, preservatives, flavors, has zero calories.

The basis WELLLAB LIQUID ECO-SORB is a natural polymer chitosan. This chitin derivative is naturally found in the shells of sea crab, shrimp, krill, and lobster.

Chitosan is well absorbed by the body and is a kind of biological filter. Due to its high absorption capacity, it helps to eliminate toxic substances, edible fats and allergens from the body. Helps to normalize the digestive system (reduce the feeling of heaviness and fullness of the stomach, flatulence), stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Chitosan also has a positive effect on metabolism and helps to strengthen the immune system.

When is WELLLAB LIQUID ECO-SORB recommended?

  • To reduce intoxication after drinking alcohol, low-quality food.
  • For allergies, skin diseases *.
  • With intestinal dysbiosis *.
  • With an unbalanced diet (overeating, snacking).
  • With high cholesterol *.
  • After taking antibiotics.
  • As part of body weight correction programs *.

* As part of diet therapy in conjunction with other doctor’s recommendations.

Product requiring a special temperature regime.